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Extended sway bar links



We have had some serious issues with the factory sway bar links at the axle end being all bent out of shape. Under severe flex the steering contacts the mount and forces it towards the tire. Luckily the RK sway bar disconnects are very forgiving I don't think any other disconnect would have been able to be reattached with out bending the mount back (it has been as bad as 2+ bent over).

I had looked into purchasing a set of replacement hi clearance mounts but instead decided to lengthen the stock ones as the axle was already out of the Jeep.

Here is a shot of the stock mount


I cut the stock one at the straightest spot using a rotozip with right angle metal wheel.


I had a scrap front D30 in the back I took of the factory axle end links and cut out 3/4" pieces to weld in (1/4 flat stock would work also but I wanted a  nice factory look,....and I am real cheap!)


Here is a shot of the almost finished product, still needs some grinding and paint, the entire job took about 30 minutes.


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